Custom Mirrors  click on picture to enlarge




 etal wrapped mirror                 Starfire mirror wall                Custom plumbing & outlets holes



Butted mirrors with outlet       Multi mirrors butted                 Mirror Wall with Beveled Overlay




Light fixtures thru beveled mirror     Custom Beveled Overlay            Drop down vanity mirror



  Custom Beveled Overlay       Custom Overlay                          Bronze Mirror with Rack



Bronze mirror Wall 110"X108"        Round Bevel                    Custom  Design





  Framed Mirror with drop down                   Wet Bar                      Beveled Mirror with Vanity drop down

                                                                                                                          And outlets




100sq. Antique mirror Tombstone              One of 635 mirrors set at the           mirrored alcove

    Brewery                                                         J.W. Marriott Tucson







Beveled Mirror Alcove







Beveled Overlay